Nashville folks, if you have any personal needs regarding holistic or alternative forms of healing, please seek help from The Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy. I’m currently being seen by Ramona Reid here for Enneagram coaching and it’s such a wonderful avenue for personal growth. They also offer acupuncture, massage,  and reiki therapy. 

Ramona takes a break every Tuesday to bring you a radio show called “The Holistic Revolution” on 101.5 WXNA FM where she interviews professionals int he holistic health field. I was lucky enough to be her first veterinary interview and we even treated her cat with some acupuncture needles while we were on the air! This is a great interview that explains a lot of how I practice integrative and holistic medicine for pets. If you’re wondering what exactly is a holistic consult with Dr. Neely North, have a listen and learn more! 

Thank you, Ramona and Yvonne for having me on the show, I really enjoyed it!

Listen here! Episode 138

 More information on Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy, here is their website: 

I will be teaching a class at NCAT on March 25 at 430 about decreasing the toxic load for your pets!

Link to sign up: 

Stay healthy and happy!