Coconut oil:  So many benefits, so many choices…

By now we have all heard about the benefits of coconut oil. I do think it’s important to note that not all products are created equally. There is plain coconut oil that you can buy in a grocery store that’s fine for cooking,  or fractionated coconut oil meant for topical use, and then there is the more “pharmaceutical grade” type of product – meant to deliver the medicinal benefits of coconut oil, or ‘food as medicine’ if you will.  

If you are a client or friend you have probably heard me say, “Look, I can’t know everything about every brand out there. But what I can do, is research a few brands extensively so I know how to make a good recommendation.”  I finally finished some of my research on coconut oil while at the AHVMA when I was able to see the family who owns the farm that grows and produces Coco Therapy (TM). This product has some of the highest GOOD PARTS of coconut oil including MCTs (medium chain triglycerides),  lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. This product is cold pressed, raw and is tested for heavy metals. 

On another note, the coconuts are grown on a farm that is USDA certified organic and non GMO verified. This  farm is situated near a volcano in the Philippines  so these coconut trees are in an area of very rich soil. It has been owned and operated by the same family for 3 generations now.  If you keep up with the blog, you may remember the fact that high heat cooking of foods often destroys its medicinal benefits. This product is never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit so the food therapy benefits are still in tact. 

Like I said, I know there are a lot of amazing coconut oil supplements out there but this is the one I am choosing for my home. So far, my dogs are loving it and thriving. They also make delicious treats if you would rather supplement your pet’s diet in this manner. If for any reason your pet doesn’t like the taste, they offer returns. 

Bottom line about Coco Therapy as a product: 

This product is consistent: same farm/ coconuts used each time 

It is tested for purity and batch numbers are crated in case of any problems found after selling

The USDA inspected and certified the farm where the coconuts are grown

It is a human grade product, verified non GMO and certified USDA organic

Proposed Benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides, fiber from coconut meat:

Provides the brain with an alternative energy source (very helpful with aging dogs/ cognitive dysfunction). 

Decreases inflammation in the skin (think allergies, dry skin)

Can improve digestion and nutrient absorption 

Can aid in healing of the digestive tract with inflammatory bowel conditions/ colitis 

Helps regulate the metabolism/insulin and glucose levels

Coconut chips are a great source of fiber and a “prebiotic” food (feed the good bacteria in the gut)

May promote healthy thyroid function

Coconut fiber chips are great for hairballs- cats actually eat the coco therapy chips it’s awesome! 

There are several papers available on the effect of MCT’s and the epileptic brain 

Where to purchase? 

Bentley’s carries some of their products

Or online:

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